Policy on the Protection of Personal Information

Ashinaga recognizes the importance of the personal information obtained through its activities, and developed the following “Policy on the Protection of Personal Information” in order to ensure the appropriate handling and use of such information.

  • When collecting personal information, Ashinaga will specify to the greatest possible degree how the information will be used, and will not collect more information than that required.
  • Ashinaga will assign a staff member to be responsible for personal information, and will handle personal information in an appropriate manner.
  • Ashinaga will not release or disclose personal information to any third party, except when:
    • The individual concerned consents to the disclosure or sharing.
    • Information is required by financial institutions in order to process donations or credit card transactions, etc.
    • Ashinaga consigns the mailing of activity reports, etc., to a contractor. However, in this case, the contractor will be required to assume legal responsibility for ensuring that no personal information is inadvertently released or disclosed, and Ashinaga will conduct appropriate supervision of the contractor’s work.
    • Disclosure is requested by a governmental or other public authority in accordance with the provisions of law.
  • Ashinaga will use personal information solely for necessary purposes related to its own activities, such as reporting related to the organization’s donation-supported and other activities, provision of information related to those activities, and requests for support.
  • With regard to 4. above, Ashinaga will promptly comply with any request to halt or restart the use of personal information.
  • Ashinaga will promptly comply with any reasonable request by the person concerned for access to, or correction of, personal information held.
  • Ashinaga will strictly comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding personal information, and will ensure that its employees are familiar with this policy and all measures implemented in relation to it. Ashinaga will review and revise this policy as necessary.